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Welcome to the Clan Oliphant homepage. This site's goal is to preserve the rich tradition of our Clan, through the promotion of accurate knowledge and through the correction of the misinformation. This last arose principally in the Victorian era, when interest of 'things Scottish' was proliferating but when the correct descent of the Chiefship of the Oliphants was not known.

The Oliphant Clan and Family Association

Probably the most important result to come from the Gathering in 2014 was the re-forming of the Association. Created some twenty five to thirty years ago when Roddy was rebuilding Hatton Castle, the Association has been re-invigorated with the new leadership of the Secretaries worldwide. At the head of this group are Roderick Oliphant of Oliphant, Yr in Scotland who is coordinating the Association worldwide, Tom Caldwell who is coordinating North America, Emmerentie Oliphant for South Africa, and David Oliphant in Australia.

Joining the Association

New Members will benefit from receiving first hand news from regular newsletters and will also have the opportunity to be involved in preserving our heritage. We are also trying to build up a collection of family artifacts. Other activities include attending Highland Games, which will be posted on the listings once organised.

For those of you researching your family tree, we are compiling a list of members' interests, which will be published and forwarded to members twice yearly. There will also be lots of future projects which could further your genealogical research. Who knows, you may even find some long lost relatives.

Please note, requesting a user name does not give you access to post on the webpage forums, nor does it make you an official member of the clan.

For information in the country where you live, please contact one of the following:

Email Roderick Oliphant of Oliphant, Yr:
Roderick Oliphant of Oliphant, Yr

For inquiries from the United States, contact Tom Caldwell:
Tom Caldwell

For inquiries for South Africa, contact Emmerentie Oliphant:
Emmerentie Oliphant

For inquiries from Australia, contact David Oliphant:
David Oiphant

For Olivant and all other spelling variations world-wide, contact Jackie Nicholson on Email:
Jackie Nicholson

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