The Oliphant Clan was granted land in Angus from Robert Bruce after the wars of independence. These lands included Kinpurney, Balcraig, Newtyle and Auchtertyre. They also held lands at Turin and Drimmie near Forfar and Gallery further northward towards the border with the Mearns. Another estate called Bachilton was owned throught the middle ages by three separate dynasties of Oliphants. In Angus, the Oliphant Clan came into contact with their allies the Ogilvies (Sir John Oliphant who was married to Isabel Ogilvie a daughter of Auchterhouse, falling at the battle of Arbroath fighting alongside these Ogilvies).

Land's in Angus passed in marriage (to the Ogilvie's and the Gray's, among others,) and some were sold during the downfall of the Lord's Oliphant.

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