The Caithness Lands were the source of much conflict for the Oliphant Clan, far more than any other land possessed by the Clan. The lands were acquired through the purchase of Christian Sutherland's hand by Sir William Oliphant, the second son of Laurence 1st Lord Oliphant. Christian was an orphan and so a ward of court under protection of the King and Lord Oliphant paid a large sum for this marriage contract. Christian Sutherland was heiress to Alexander Sutherland of Duffus, thus recieving the lands aquired by the Sutherlands through a marriage to the Cheyne heiress. These lands included 1/4 of the entire county of Caithness, as well as the lands of Strabrok (Strathbrock) near Edinburgh. Lands in Caithness included Berriedale, Oldwick, Ulbster, Cambuster, Thrusbuster, Hasbuster, Bulbuster, Stanergill, Sower, Grestan, Brawlbynd, Thurdistoft, Greenland, Duncansby, and other lands close by. John Groat was a tenant of the Oliphant's near Duncansby, an area now named John O' Groats.

Far North Scotland

Due to financial problems, the 5th Lord Oliphant was forced to sell the Caithness lands to Sinclair, Earl of Caithness (who's ancestors had been in bitter conflict with the Lords Oliphant).

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