Clan Oliphant Chieftains

Highland Chieftains are the heads of large branches of the Clan. They wear, along with the plant badge of the clan, 2 eagle feathers. Chieftains have their own coat of arms, and may have their own crest (as opposed to other armigerous Clansman, who usually display the crest of their chief in a strap and buckle.) Although they are subordinate to the Clan Chief, they usually have full control over their branch.
Clan Oliphant has currently 4 Chieftains who have matriculated with Lord Lyon.

Richard Oliphant of that Ilk and of Condie, Clan Chief and also Chieftain of the Condie Branch

Laurence Kington Blair Oliphant of (Ardblair and) Gask, Chieftain of the Gask Branch

John Philip Oliphant of Rossie, Chieftain of the Rossie Branch

David Olyphant of Bachilton, Chieftain of the Bachilton Branch

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