Letter from Laurence

This letter was from Laurence the Younger (later the 7th Laird of Gask) to his mother, Amelia Oliphant (nee Nairne), dated 31st October, 1745.

D(ea)r Mama: I arrived here on Tuesday about nine at night. The Castle solemnized yesterday with three rounds of the Castle which was answered by the man of war* in the harbour. Admiral Byng is laying in the Firth with four of five men of war. It is said the army marches this day. Any letters you write by the Post may be directed to Mr. Ebenezer** or to Doctor White and write him to forward them. I have no news to write you. Many complements to all friends. You may let them know at Mochany*** that I saw my cousin in Town and delivered my commission to him, I am

Dr Mama, your most affectionate Son
Lau. Oliphant
Edinbr. 31st October 1745.

Memo: From Lauchlan (Laurence) Oliphant at Edinbr. to the Lady Gask at Gask, Perth, Octr. 31st.
* A type of War Ship
** Ebenezer Oliphant, the smith in Edinburgh
*** Mochany in Perth is the home of the Lord Strathallan of Clan Drummond, who the Oliphants had a close relationship with
Source : "Intercepted Post" by Donald Nicholas M.A., F.S.A. (Scotland), pp. 45

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