DNA Project

Clan Oliphant has taken a step to the forefront of genealogy study. We have joined Family Tree DNA and formed a surname group project with the surname Oliphant. DNA analysis is now accepted by leaders in genealogy research. At present, the DNA is not as precise as conventional written records. One may not learn from the DNA experts the name, birth and death dates, and location of specific ancestors. Traditional research is still needed to learn one’s specific lineage.

The contribution we get from DNA research is that it is accurate. One can know with certainty who his cousin is (having a common ancestor) and how far back in time their common ancestor lived. Obviously, if one could trace back to the beginning of human existence, we could claim “cousinship” with everyone. The lack of precision means that we cannot determine the exact years of the common ancestor’s life, or his exact location(s), or his name. The accuracy means that we can know with certainty the general location of the ancestor’s tribe, and we can know with certainty the approximate number of generations since the cousins’ lineage split from the common ancestor.

Clan Oliphant needs one male Oliphant from each family to be tested. Testing is simpler and less expensive for the Y chromosome. The reason for testing one from each branch is that recent cousins’ DNA reports will be so nearly alike as to offer no significant difference.

If you fit the need for our clan’s research and are willing to have your DNA tested contact our Administrator Keith Oliphint via our Family Tree DNA webpage at https://www.familytreedna.com/surname_join.aspx?code=J59544&special=true

The procedure is relatively simple, and there are no needles!

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