Gaines-Oliphint House

The Gaines-Oliphint house is located near Toledo Bend Reservoir on Texas/Louisiana border. Before the Reservoir was made by building a dam on the Sabine River, a ferry helped travellers to cross the river. At that time this was the main road connecting the original 13 of the United States with Mexico. Gaines built a log cabin at that site and later built one a bit farther from the river on higher ground. This second house is the one bought by A. D. Oliphint for his wife, Martha. Now the house is cited as the oldest still standing house in Texas. The Gaines-Oliphint house is being restored by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Each year in April they hold Pioneer Day at the historic house with proceeds and donations given to funding the restoration. For more detail contact Keith Oliphint at

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