The Family Bible

I've been reading through my Oliphant, Rauch, Doty history booklet. I have read this exerpt before but wanted to share it and see if anyone may have information on this family Bible. I am a descendant of Perry Oliphant.

From Mrs. Stein’s miscellaneous Oliphant family data: According to Frederick H. Oliphant, son of Peter Tanner Oliphant, “Father’s father (Wm) used to have a Bible that was nearly all the family history back to somewhere about the time the first Oliphant came to this country. At the time of Grandfather’s death the Bible was taken by his elder brother Perry, head of the Iowa branch) and, if my understanding is correct, that Bible is still in the possession of his descendants. …… there is a tradition in our branch that the first American Oliphant became the possessor of a large tract of land


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